Whether from a humble beginning on a cocktail napkin, or simple sketches on paper, Mike Usalavage of Tatonka Log & Frame has been a Colorado Custom home builder for over twenty years, building dream homes individually, a few at a time. Detailed attention is paid to every aspect of your home from planning to accounting to hands-on crafting and building of your custom home. From Breckenridge, Colorado, Mike builds true custom designed and quality crafted exquisite homesmade exactly to order for every client.

Call Mike Usalavage today to ask about your custom built Colorado dream home.

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Colorado custom home builder, Mike Usalavage brings a rugged, individuality and personal hands on attention to every detail of your custom home in Colorado. The Breckenridge home builder is ready to take your plan from a scratched out idea on a cocktail napkin to a beautiful hand built and crafted custom home just for you.

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Homes in this area tend to be custom built. The entire town is focused in individuality and a decidedly non-tract-home experience for everyone. One of the best custom home builders in Summit County just launched a new website. Tatonka Log and Frame. This builder is a full-time hands on custom home builder who uses authentic local and imported materials and incorporates the latest in solar and green technologies.

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