Get Found Now | Need an SEO Blogging Coach?

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You’ve probably read that you need to get found now on Google for your business to get leads from the Internet that you simply can’t get any other way. You may have been encouraged to start a website, or especially, a blog. Then, once you have a blog, you’re supposed to make it work with SEO (search engine optimization) which means what, exactlhy?

Well, there is the bulk of SEO, which involves acquiring links to your website or blog. That’s a tough business and often requires the help of an experienced SEO specialist or in the case of larger enterprises, an SEO team. While link-building accounts for around 85% of SEO factors, there is the matter of niche markets and searches which can often be obtained with well optimized website content, especially on WordPress blogs, and when needed, the link-building aspect of SEO, even in lesser quantities, can go a lot further to aid your cause in lower competition and niche markets. This is when you want to maximize the inclusion of the other side of SEO, the 15% that is on-site or on-page optimization. Crafting of your message in a manner prescribed for search engine results placement can sometimes hit a high spot on Google for niche and undiscovered market segments. When competition isn’t thinking ahead for their online marketing message, you have the opportunity to get found now just by creating the right content with the right targeted title, content and keywords. Thinking about how people search on the Internet and anticipating that kind of search, coupled with good old fashioned discovery of search behaviors are key to successful SEO and blogging.

SEO and blogging at the same time? Blogging comes to some like second nature but others struggle with the first words. You’re probably also trying to get some first page placement on search engines for your business. If that’s true, then you need an SEO blogging coach. Some people write prolifically any time, all the time but their writing won’t get them either of new business or search engine placement. Their SEO is ill conceived or just isn’t there. Then you need SEO help. Starting out with free resources is an excellent idea. Spend money when it’s necessary and at the beginning, you can learn the basics from good resources like Steve Wiideman’s SEO in a Day free ebook. When you need small group or one-on-one help from an excellent SEO blogging coach, check out Coach Katerina, especially if you’re in the real estate business, but for any small business as well.