September 12, 2017

Miami Condos Pack More Punch Than Hurricane Irma

After all the attention drawn by superstorm hurricane Irma, the highrise condos of Miami stand, largely unaffected in the long term. That’s discounting the fallen cranes at construction sites including the one at 300 Biscayne. The rest? People are cleaning up and values remain strong in the luxury condo market. You can see the current ratings of Miami Beach condos over at the Miami Ross100 Condo Index page:  >>>   Now that the cleanup is well underway, Irma will become another memory of the tropical storms that frequent Florida. More at Ross Miami Real Estate on Tumblr: The RossMiami Realty Weebly Page: Ross Luxury Real Estate on Angelfire: Posted in Temecula  

Update September 17, 2017: The biggest news remains those without power and those who remained without power until it was too late. The most prominent example being the eight elderly people who succumbed to the heat and died when trapped in a sweltering nursing home without power and therefore, air conditioning. Some 90% of FPL customers lost power after being told repeatedly that rate increases were to help prepare for future storms. Did they think that notion would never be tested?

Hurricane Irma Damage In Miami


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