Last year – March to be exact, posted up a video to make a point about how easy it is to rank for competitive terms using video if it’s optimized just a bit with good title principles, a good description focused on the keywords but not insanely so, and a few links to the video and watch Google do its magic.

The topic of my video was used Rolex watches focusing on one brand in particular, the men’s GMT master II.

Since I don’t have a Rolex watch, I used my out-of-the-box Avon brand watch to make the video and I made sure I put enough information on the video that people knew it was not a Rolex watch but just a test and that was even in the title but people still decided to watch the video and now it has 653 views. Sometimes if someone is typing in a search for the model, it shows up in organic search on page 1. For a while it even showed up when people search “used Rolex watches.” Now, that has kind of worn off but if that watch were really for sale It would have moved a long time ago. 

Used Rolex watch men's GMT master ii

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Real estate photography online is sometimes your first impression so take some time to either learn to do it right or get it done right. Taking lousy photos and dumping them on the MLS? You can do better. It’s your market and your price that’s at stake.

real estate photographers oc

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Eastbluff homes Newport Beach

tag your images. name your images. tags and names are important. google reads them. google indexes them. be precise. do keyword research and name your images so they get found. it’s how some people search.

the end.

real estate search engine optimization and marketing


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The SEO experiment continues. This image for rule of thirds <<<- original size, is on page 2 of Google image search. I hope to get it into organic search results.

real estate seo marketing

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Because, Because my SEO for real estate websites make you money.  That’s the reason you’re in business and that’s what my business does for your business.

 real estate search engine marketing expert

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