Last year – March to be exact, posted up a video to make a point about how easy it is to rank for competitive terms using video if it’s optimized just a bit with good title principles, a good description focused on the keywords but not insanely so, and a few links to the video and watch Google do its magic.

The topic of my video was used Rolex watches focusing on one brand in particular, the men’s GMT master II.

Since I don’t have a Rolex watch, I used my out-of-the-box Avon brand watch to make the video and I made sure I put enough information on the video that people knew it was not a Rolex watch but just a test and that was even in the title but people still decided to watch the video and now it has 653 views. Sometimes if someone is typing in a search for the model, it shows up in organic search on page 1. For a while it even showed up when people search “used Rolex watches.” Now, that has kind of worn off but if that watch were really for sale It would have moved a long time ago. 

Used Rolex watch men's GMT master ii

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Real estate photography online is sometimes your first impression so take some time to either learn to do it right or get it done right. Taking lousy photos and dumping them on the MLS? You can do better. It’s your market and your price that’s at stake.

real estate photographers oc

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Eastbluff homes Newport Beach

tag your images. name your images. tags and names are important. google reads them. google indexes them. be precise. do keyword research and name your images so they get found. it’s how some people search.

the end.

real estate search engine optimization and marketing


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Because, Because my SEO for real estate websites make you money.  That’s the reason you’re in business and that’s what my business does for your business.

 real estate search engine marketing expert

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Sometimes you’re just stuck. Writer’s block, ideas, inspiration… nothing comes to you and then the overwhelming feeling (pay attention because you’re likely right) that you’re just missing some key elements to get your blog to resonate and get traffic.

This may be the time to call in an SEO blog coach and there is no better choice for the real estate agent than the endorsed coach in the linked post, so check it out.

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putting the SEO and writing pieces togetherYou want your posts to be discovered by people searching Google for your business products and services ahead of competitors. You know that blogging is the key. You may be new to blogging, or consider yourself an old hand. Integrating SEO into your writing strategy, however may be a new challenge and it can feel unnatural trying to think about how to incorporate keywords naturally into your blog. This is when you may need an SEO blog coach. Someone who can help you keep it natural while also getting those important keywords to rank on Google searches. This can be complex, yet simple. Creating more content that naturally surrounds your key concepts and keywords over time is your best bet.


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Wordpress Tuneup Kit

The market is inundated with experts on WordPress. I once heard a news report sometime back about the monthly unemployment statistics. One of the commentators said sardonically,  “that’s a lot of new bloggers!” Well, isn’t that the truth? Fresh into the foray by the thousands every week, people from marketing and sales departments of collapsing companies have to find a new niche. Many of them move into the online space and proclaim themselves marketing experts, branding experts, social networking experts– I get followed by these types almost every day on twitter.

Some of them become WordPress experts. They learn enough to understand the ins and outs of WordPress, and it can be a little overwhelming to newcomers. What I find unconscionable is that they then create a product that is overhyped and they proceed to pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting for rather exorbitant fees.

One such ploy is  WordPress optimization, sometimes called a tuneup or SEO customization or any other number of impromptu terminologies. For those unfamiliar with WordPress and SEO, especially the part of SEO that is performed on a website, (that’s around 15% of total SEO factors–the rest is accumulation of the right back links) WordPress is optimization! that’s right, WordPress out-of-the-box is 95% of on-site optimization already done for you. Any SEO blog coach worth their weight in birdseed will tell you so. Add A few plug-ins and configure them, and you’re on your way to the 99th percentile of optimization on your website content. The first step to get your content found now. You just want to be sure that you keep your topic well focused. A website that pursues a few keywords or even one performs better than a website that tries to grab the market share for lots of keywords.

I mentioned plug-ins. These are extensions to the WordPress platform that are usually free and install with just a few clicks. You can do this in a few minutes time and save yourself the fees of an expert.

Here’s your tuneup–and you can do it for free in a few basic steps:

  1. Googe XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress – this plugin generates and posts a new sitemap every time you post to your WordPress website or blog. Then it notifies Google and Bing about your update. Once your blog is recognized by Google as a contributor of good content (this can be achieved in a pretty short time) Google will come around pretty promptly, pick up your new post and place it in the Google search index. Google XML Sitemap Generator may be enough for many blogs if they are competing in a niche with relatively little competition.
  2. All in One SEO Pack – This is a plugin that allows you to create longer titles and descriptions for your posts. Creating a title like Get the best SEO response from Google in 15 minutes for Free with Easy Plug-ins looks great in a Google search result, but not so good on the limited space in your blog page. SEO Pack allows you to have a long version of your title for search engines and a shorter one to display on your page.
  3. Get Steve Wiideman’s Free e-Book, SEO in a Day. SEO in a Day by Steve WiidemanClick the book icon or Find it any time by typing SEO expert into Google. Steve’s website with the book is #1. The book is absolutely free. An afternoon of reading will put you light years ahead in the Search Optimization competition!

Well, that’s really it. Were you expecting something complicated? It’s not that complicated. Full fledged SEO campaigns that involve the other 85% of SEO factors, link-building can be complex but on-site optimization is a few steps and some well focused content away.

Not really a disclaimer: What do I get from Steve for posting his book? I get a bill when I consult with him, just like anyone else, and the occasional mention and thank you on Twitter.

Need a coach to help with your content creation? SEO Blog Coach Katerina

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SEO Stealing Money

You can pay $90 an hour for SEO blog coaching right out of the gate, or you can start out for learning for absolutely free and then work with the best Blogging and SEO coach once you’ve learned the basics.

If you’re a real estate agent and you want to get found fast, you have probably heard that blogging is an essential part of SEO, and indeed it is. Creating quality content and presenting it in a way that is effective both for users and search engines comprises about 15% of an effective as SEO campaign. the other 85% is driven by link building. source:

If you’re new to blogging and SEO, there’s really not much an SEO blog coach can do for you yet–maybe later for some advanced techniques, but not now. Especially not when you’re starting out; you need the basics regarding SEO, keyword distribution, title and heading placement, and all the rest. I’m telling you now, these basics are straightforward and the information is absolutely free. Now, I want to make it clear I get nothing for this endorsement except the occasional expression of gratitude or mention on Twitter, but you have to go to the world’s top SEO expert (at least according to Google) Steve Wiideman. Here’s your proof. Type this into Google: SEO expert. That’s it. Follow the very first link and get the free e-book. I think you have to give him your e-mail address but he won’t spam you. You can download the book, Seo in a Day, and you can learn all you need to know about SEO and blogging in a day and you don’t need any SEO Blog Coaching to do it either.

If you are already familiar with SEO practices and you need some help or individual mentoring, the best SEO blog coach in the business is Katerina Gasset, especially if you’re in real estate or small business. Katerina speaks nationally on her successful blogging techniques and has driven an extremely successful real estate business by learning all the blogging and SEO techniques from scratch after some hard knocks along the way. She can save you time and money so don’t hesitate to get in touch once you’ve educated yourself with Steve’s invaluable resource and are ready to leverage your marketing message online.

More on SEO on my Orange County SEO site.

Get found on Google

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15% of SEO is keyword On-site keyword placement according to the last SEO survey by SEOMoz. The rest of the 85% will not be provided by an SEO blogging coach. That will be provided by many more factors in SEO. First comes the preparation of proper blogging and website configuration, then comes the war.

A litany of off-site factors form a strategy and competition that is an all-out fight for survival and dominance. The rules of war are set and governed by Google. They enforce and change them at will. It’s their universe, after all, not ours. SEO was created and is run by Google so we, the blogging coaches, link-builders and SEO specialists must comply and compete and the best performer wins.

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